Find the Pricing for custom software development

What's the app development cost?

Well... It depends.

App development cost depends on factors like complexity, features, platform, design, team structure, and post-launch support. Costs can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, including updates, server costs, and user acquisition.

Discovery and Strategy

Cost: $15,000+

We help you define your project's unique goals, assess feasibility, and create a plan to achieve the best possible user experience. We'll work with you to distinguish between essential and non-essential features, and provide a project cost estimate.

Typical Deliverables include:

  • Key objectives identification
  • Rapid Application Development
  • Project cost estimation
  • Technical audit
  • Feasibility evaluation

Software Development

Cost: $20,000 - $1,000,000+

The financial investment for your project can significantly fluctuate based on its specific requirements and deadlines.

However, here are the typical cost ranges we observe :

  • Research, Prototyping, and Validation: $20,000 - $150,000+
  • Consumer-oriented Web or Mobile Application: $80,000 - $350,000+
  • Enterprise Software Product: $250,000 - $1,000,000+

Ongoing Enhancements

Cost: $5,000 - 10,000 + / month

Custom software is a living, breathing thing. It needs to be constantly updated and improved to keep up with the changing needs of your business and your customers. That's why we offer continuous development cycles, where we work with you to strategize and prioritize the changes that will make the biggest impact on your ROI.

Whether it's new features, design updates, or performance optimizations, our goal is to make sure your custom software is always working at its best. We'll work with you to define the scope of each cycle, and then we'll get to work implementing your changes quickly and efficiently.


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